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"Can I take Provera?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I take Provera?


I've had a missed Miscarriage about 5 weeks ago. diagnosed with PCOS. currently taking synthroid. Can i take Provera to start bleeding?


I first must say that if you had a miscarriage about five weeks ago, then I am concerned if you have not been seen yet by an OB/GYN. The reason for this is that a missed miscarriage is a condition where the fetus dies, but some of the products of conception do not exit the vagina. These products must be removed by a D&C also known as a dilatation and curettage. Your question does not mention this, and thus I have to say that if you have not had this done yet, this needs to be done immediately as not having this removed can cause significant problems in the future. Most specifically, the contents can become infected and you can get quite sick. If this has already been done, then Provera is one option to initiate withdrawal bleeding and restart your cycle. If you have been diagnosed in the past with PCOS, then you may have irregular periods at baseline. If this is the case, then taking metformin might be an option to help regulate your cycles. Your TSH needs to be checked to make sure that your thyroid function is normal. For these complex issues, I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with your OB/GYN very soon. If you have trouble getting pregnant, you might benefit from a referral to a fertility specialist.

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