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"What to do with a child that has seal bark occasionally for a few months?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat to do with a child that has seal bark occasionally for a few months?


if a child has no fever, has a runny nose and a seal bark occationally for a few months...should I take him in to ER and ask for neck xrays. his dotor says its just a cold, but the seal bark has been happening for months


A "barking" cough is not a normal thing, and is something that should be checked with a doctor. While there are infections that can lead to this sort of cough, these are all things that are expected to improve with time. It would be quite unusual for this sort of cough to persist more than a few days, and is something that should be reviewed with an ear nose and throat surgeon (AKA ENT AKA otolaryngology-head and neck surgeon). One of the things that could be most concerning would be something known as a subglottic stenosis. This is a swelling that happens right below the vocal cords. Due to its location, it can affect speech and other airway sounds, such as a cough. This sort of cough is often noted during an infectious condition known as croup, but croup is generally a limited condition that responds well to conservative measures. There are other possible explanations as well. While it is good to continue to work with your doctor, it is important to recognize when a referral to a specialist is in order. An ear nose and throat surgeon should be able to examine this part of your son's airway effectively. Please speak with your doctor about a referral.

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