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"I have a bad headache. Can I watch tv?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a bad headache. Can I watch tv?


is it true TV will make this worse or not?


Watching TV can certainly make a headache worse if it is the type of headache that includes photophobia. The bright lights of TV can aggravate headaches such as a migraine headache. However, watching TV does not tend to bring on a headache per se. Plus, your own personal experience with watching TV is the most important test to determine whether or not watching TV is an instigator of your headaches. The best type of physician for you to see about these headaches is a neurologist. A neurologist is a specialist in headaches and can listen to your description of the headaches and determine what type they are. If they are migraine headaches, which are commonly worsened by noise and light, then the frequency of your migraines would be important to determine what the next best treatment would be. If you have only a few headaches per month, then symptomatic treatment with one of the migraine medications would probably be warranted. If you have multiple headaches per month, then I would say that most likely your doctor will want to put you on one of the preventative medications to help prevent these headaches. The most commonly used preventative medication that the neurologists like to use is called topiramate. Again, please speak with a neurologist and good luck.

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