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"Can sucking on the inside of your lips cause swelling and blistering?"

ZocdocAnswersCan sucking on the inside of your lips cause swelling and blistering?


can sucking on the inside of your lips cause swelling and blistering?


Yes. While this is a short answer, it is true. So I recommend that you speak with your doctor. Any trauma to the skin or mucosa of the body can cause a local reaction that can include swelling and blistering. This is the response of the skin to trauma, as cells are injured and must be replaced or repaired. Of course, there are many other things that can cause swelling and blistering, and so one should not be too quick to jump to conclusions. There are virus and other infections that can cause this sort of problem, and there are also systemic illnesses and even allergies that can cause something similar to this. Given that there are so many different causes of your problem, and the fact that even if it is just sucking on your lips that is causing the problem, speaking with your doctor is appropriate. There are some people who will habitually do things, such as sucking their lips, in such a fashion that they can injure themselves. Sometimes these people require intervention. For that reason, and to get something that can help your lips to feel better, please speak with your doctor about this question. Thank you for your question.

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