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"I have abdominal left pain when pressed or stomach empty. I also have bloating after eating and some other symptoms. What could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI have abdominal left pain when pressed or stomach empty. I also have bloating after eating and some other symptoms. What could it be?


These are my symptoms I have been having for the past 2 weeks. Abdominal left pain when pressed or stomach empty. Bloating after eating. Sometimes pain in lower back. Pebble like stools with white specks in it. I was thinking either I have a stomach ulcer or parasitic infestation. I'm hoping it isn't anything serious like a tumor or cancer.


Abdominal pain can be caused by a number of different medical conditions. As some of these conditions can be serious, it is important to be evaluated by your doctor to determine the cause of your pain. The left side of your abdomen includes a number of structures including part of the stomach, the spleen, parts of the large intestine (or colon), parts of the small intestine and one of your kidneys. A problem with any one of these organs could cause abdominal pain. Your doctor can help figure out if any other tests need to be ordered for further evaluation. Bloating after eating and changes in your stool can be caused many conditions, some of which include irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel syndrome and low fiber in the your diet. A gastroenterologist is a kind of doctor who specializes in treating these types of disorders and would be a good person to consult. Parasitic infections can be transmitted in any country though are less common in the United States. There are tests that can be performed in the stool and in the blood to see if you have one of these infections. It is not possible to receive a diagnosis with being evaluated by a doctor. I would recommend consulting either your primary doctor or gastroenterologist for further evaluation of your condition.

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