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"I haven't gotten my period in 6 months. What is going on?"

ZocdocAnswersI haven't gotten my period in 6 months. What is going on?


So last time I have my period was the second week of June(2013), and its December now. I'm really worried, it has never been this irregular, and I have taken 3 home pregnancy tests already.. Two in the beginning of September and one in the beginning of October. They all said negative. Can I be pregnant? Or what's going on? Is there anything else that can be going on?


You are describing a 6 month period without a period, which is called amenorrhea. I recommend that you make an appointment with either your primary care doctor of your ob/gyn doctor. Amenorrhea could be caused by a pregnancy like you mentioned. It sounds like you have already bought over the counter tests to rule this possibility out. Other conditions that could present with amenorrhea are hormonal imbalances. The hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle are controlled by the ovaries and the brain. It is important to make sure that your ovaries do not have any problems such as cysts and abnormal growths. Also it is important to make sure that you do not have any recent head injuries that could contribute to your present symptoms. Another possible cause for amenorrhea and irregular menstrual cycles are thyroid disorders. Many patients with hypothyroidism can experience some of these symptoms. People with hypothyroidism also have weight gain, constipation, dry skin and hair, and fatigue. Again, you should make an appointment with either your primary care doctor of your ob/gyn doctor to be examined more thoroughly. They may do some basic lab tests and an ultrasound of the pelvis to ensure normal anatomy. They should also do a blood pregnancy test since that is more accurate than an over the counter test.

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