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"I have a swollen white greenish bumpy tongue. What could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a swollen white greenish bumpy tongue. What could it be?


My tounge is looking really wired I went to the doctor yesterday but I don't think it's was there when I went I'm sick with post nasal drip headache low grade feces occasionally and headaches and body aches I was on antibiotics for a whole for a tooth abcess but idk what this is I have terrible anxiety and I feel like this is something that's doing to kill me. Please help me is this oral thrush form antibiotics could it be from my post Nadal drip? Tounge is sorta sore to thanks in advance


Thanks for your question. I recommend that you speak with your doctor or dentist. This certainly does sound like something that could either be related to your post nasal drainage and other infectious symptoms that you seem to be recovering from quite slowly. If your doctor has been treating you with antibiotics, it is also possible that you could have a fungal infection due to changes in the normal oral flora that usually help to prevent overgrowth of one specific fungal subtype. Given that either one of these could be the reason for your symptoms, speaking with your doctor is the right thing to do. He or she may also feel that there could be other explanations that require further investigation or treatment, perhaps including a new antibiotic or antifungal medication to help. In the setting of a tooth abscess, it is important to treat this completely in order to make sure that you recover fully. Most often, it is important to pull the infected tooth if the infection has not fully resolved, as there are times that there is nothing better to help the infection and the rest of your symptoms resolve. Your doctor or dentist may be able to help, and an ear nose and throat surgeon is a specialist who may also be able to help.

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