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"What is wrong with my thumb and how could I get it back to normal?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is wrong with my thumb and how could I get it back to normal?


It started quiet along time ago i felt a slight pain like a cut just under my right thumbnail and over time i noticed the skin at the tip of my thumb become like dry and cracked and weird looking. At first it was a tiny like patch. But its been like 2 years and it spread covering about 90 percent of my skin right where the thumbnail ends at the tip of my thumb begins. It looks gross and dead and white cracked skin. Help me! Its embarassing and unsightly. I notice that my right thumb sometimes gets really warm and only my right thumb. Also its kind of numb where the dead cracked skin is but when i accidently hit the tip of my thumb against objects it results in a terrible sharp pain!


If you are concerned about a lesion on your thumb, you should see your primary care doctor or other healthcare professional for formal evaluation. Skin lesions near the nail can have multiple causes, some benign and others more concerning. A common cause of chronically irritated, dry and cracking skin is eczema. This is a poorly understood condition of the skin, typically instigated by dry skin, that results in local inflammation, flaking, bleeding and pain. It can be unsightly to patients and uncomfortable. It is typically managed with lotions and petroleum moisturizers. With possible involvement of the nail, one must consider fungal infections of the nail, which can cause, brittle, flaking nails and discoloration. This typically starts at the tip of the nail and works towards the cuticle. Given the duration of the lesion per your comment stem, it is less likely that this is related to an acute infection. An additional possibility is skin cancers, though these typically grow over months and would likely result in severe skin breakdown. If you have darkened discoloration of the skin or under the nail (brown/dark discoloration) it is important to be seen by a dermatologist to rule out melanoma. Given the duration or you problem I recommend that you see a doctor to come to a diagnosis and seek treatment, if necessary.

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