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"Whats wrong with the tip of my right thumb?"

ZocdocAnswersWhats wrong with the tip of my right thumb?


So it started maybe a couple years ago i felt a slight cut like pain right under my thumb nail like where the nail meets the skin. After a while a little patch of skin started turning white and dry and started to crack. As more time went on it started to spead and the dry cracked skin patch became bigger and covers nearly the entire tip of my thumb. I also notice that my right thumb gets really warm sometimes. And it would only be that thumb that would get warm. Also. The area thats "infected" is somewhat numb. But when i accidentally hit my thumb against objects it results in a terrible pain!. At times the skin would crack so much that it literally left a gap at the tip of my thumb... a GAP! it looked like my thumb was gonna split in half. At the moment its not like that anymore. But what is it and how can i get it back to normal? Its embarassing to write in front of people and even shake hands!. Help me please! :(


That is an excellent question and one that is best answered by your primary care doctor or another medical professional after obtaining a complete history and physical examination to determine the cause of these symptoms and the appropriate treatment options available. What you are describing with the gap in your thumb and the pain caused by it sounds very concerning and I am sure that it is also very painful. Hopefully some of these suggestions will help until you see your doctor who can help you treat this appropriately. Have you had any other signs of infection or signs that this thumb issue is spreading further back in the hand or to other parts of the body? If this is the case, this can be more serious and may need to be evaluated sooner rather than later. Have you noticed any drainage from the thumb or any changes to the nail or the nail bed. This can also be a big problem and one that you want to get treated soon because damage to the nail can sometimes lead to irregularly growing nails or nails that fall off. When you see your doctor, he or she may recommend antibiotics or topical treatment options which might help with your problem.

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