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"Do I have Syphilis?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I have Syphilis?


Hello, I have a small red bump on the shaft of my penis, it has appeared about 2 weeks ago, I feel no pain, rash, itching or tingling. It does not bother me at all, except for the fact that it is just there. I have searched around on the internet for pictures and the closest which I got is syphilis pictures. I have also read that syphilis appears after 21 days and up to 90 days after infection but the problem is that I have been having sex with only one partner for the past 4.5 months and she does not have any STD's she was a virgin before we had sex. The first time i noticed it, it had scabbed skin, that i shed to reveal this red bump, i also masturbate sometimes without any lubrication, I hope this information helps.


I am sorry to hear about your penis lesion. It is not possible to provide an accurate diagnosis without fully reviewing your medical history and performing a thorough physical exam, including a genital exam. Therefore, I encourage you to schedule an appointment with a primary care doctor. After a full, in-person evaluation, the doctor can determine whether you need any additional tests. In any person with a genital lesion, it is important to rule out a sexually transmitted disease. Even if you are confident in your sexual partner's own sexual history, it is safest to still rule out a sexually transmitted disease. As you mentioned, syphilis often causes a painless lesion on the genitals. Untreated syphilis can be devastating and is eventually fatal. Other possibilities include chancroid, genital warts, and HIV. You will need to undergo a physical exam and additional testing to rule these out. It is also possible this bump is due to a benign blood vessel abnormality. Trauma during intercourse or masturbation can cause a penis lesion. Additionally, it is possible this is due to a primary dermatologic issue. All of these possibilities require thorough evaluation by a physical to rule out. Therefore, I encourage you to schedule an appointment with a primary care doctor.

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