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"Is betadine okay to put on a popped blister?"

ZocdocAnswersIs betadine okay to put on a popped blister?


i had a large blister on the back of my thigh due to cellulitous i am on the anti biotics but my daughter popped it on accident. we had no anti bactieral cream so ive been putting an off brand of Betadine im just wonder if ggis is okay or if i should stop putting it on it?


This is an excellent question and one that is best answered by your primary care doctor or a doctor specializing in skin care such as a dermatologist. With regards to skin lesions, it is very difficult to assess you in this form and suggest the best course of treatment, but that is why it is important that you are evaluated by a doctor as soon as possible regarding this issue. Based on your story, it is likely that if you are on antibiotics, and they are treating the infection appropriately, it is not likely that you will need to add betadine to the wound. In general, it is better to allow it to be open to the air and allow the antibiotics take effect. It is unclear what the bacteria was that you were infected with but betadine is unlikely to do much more than leaving it open to air and taking antibiotics. Of course, your doctor is best able to evaluate you and if they suggest a topical treatment that is something that should be considered but it is not advisable to put anything on the wound without speaking with a doctor first. If the wound is draining, your doctor may also suggest a light gauze to catch the drainage.

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