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"How should I take care of my finger after a bone amputation?"


Sunday night my finger was amputated due to traumatic injury. The surgeon had to remove tissue and bone. The wound is not healed yet. Is it better to soak the wound in peroxide, or in Epsom salts with sterile water to help prevent infection?


That is an excellent question and one that is best answered by your primary care doctor or another medical professional such as the surgeon who can evaluate your specific history and physical exam and decide upon the appropriate treatment options. It is best that you follow the surgeon's directions for how to care for your wound but in general it is suggested that you keep your wound open to air and avoid lotions, peroxide, or anything else topical to the wound as that leads to a risk of infection in some cases. It is also important that you avoid touching the incision with your fingers as this can introduce infection to the wound which can become very serious.

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You should also look at the wound every day to make sure that it shows signs of appropriate healing and does not appear to have drainage, redness, or increased pain as this can be a sign of infection which can be serious and may require antibiotics or further surgery to clean out the infection. Regardless, it is important that you discuss any questions relating to wound care with your surgeon as he or she will be best able to answer these questions.

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