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"Is my BP normal for my age?"

ZocdocAnswersIs my BP normal for my age?


age - 20yrs, bp - 104/86. is that normal for my age?


This blood pressure is close, but not quite considered normal. I recommend that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. First, there are no age factors when we consider a person's blood pressure. While blood pressure does tend to rise with age, we do not consider this to be normal or okay. A normal blood pressure is one in which the systolic blood pressure (top number) is less than 120 mmHg and the diastolic blood pressure (bottom number) is less than 80. Thus, your systolic blood pressure is great while your diastolic is a bit high. I would say that this blood pressure is not terrible and you certainly do not require any medications at this time to treat your diastolic blood pressure, at least not based on the JNC or AHA guidelines. If you are overweight, you might be recommended to lose weight. If you smoke, you would be recommended to quit smoking. If you eat lots of salt, you might be recommended to eat less. Again, I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. He or she can take your blood pressure in the office and compare that to the value you have here. In addition, you can consider getting a home blood pressure cuff so that you can monitor you blood pressure at home. Good luck.

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