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"Are there any side effect of over excretion of sperm?"


Side effects of over ejection of sperm


Masturbation and ejaculation are generally very safe and do not negatively affect your health. However, if you have particular concerns about the way in which you are ejaculating, or if you are noticing any changes to your semen quantity or appearance, it is important to make an appointment to see your doctor to address these issues. There have been no studies that have shown definitively that any amount of masturbation is associated with negative health consequences.

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An increased risk of prostate cancer in men who frequently masturbated in their 20s-40s was proposed by one study, but other studies found a protective effect of masturbation on prostate cancer. Other studies have shown wide-ranging benefits of regular masturbation, including on cardiovascular disease, depression, self-esteem, and even blood pressure. Although these benefits also are not definitively substantiated, all of the data taken together indicates that there are no significant risks associated with regular masturbation, and there may be benefits to the practice. The one thing that I would keep in mind is that zinc is the mineral that the most men are deficient in. Because zinc is contained in semen, frequent masturbation may potentially be a cause of this deficiency. However, if you have a balanced diet and/or take a multivitamin, you should not run into this problem. Again, if you have any concerns in particular about your masturbation habits, please see your doctor to address these individual concerns.

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