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"Is it normal to ask for a Chest X-ray after MRI results?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it normal to ask for a Chest X-ray after MRI results?


Why would my Neurologist require a chest xray and blood work after a neck & brain mri? He said there were problems with the neck, and one on the top of my head, but not the brain itself.


Thank you very much for your question. An MRI of the head and neck is limited to only those parts of the body that are included in the scan. Your neurologist would be best equipped to speak with you further about your concerns as he or she is the one who ordered the test and interpreted the imaging results. I suggest that you speak with him or her to go over your MRI results in detail as this will allow you to gain an understanding of the processes your body may be going through. Furthermore, the more knowledge you have about your work, the more you will be empowered to make decisions regarding your healthcare, further diagnostics, and potential treatments. Blood work is not uncommon in the diagnostic process as it can give information on whether there is inflammation in your body, whether you making enough blood cells, and whether your blood can coagulate properly. It also gives a clue about how your body is handling electrolytes. Blood work can also include markers of diseases such as cancer. A chest x-ray gives information on your lungs and can give some information on your bones in the chest area. I must reiterate that you speak with your physician for more information about your specific condition.

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