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"My left ear is clogged and I got a headache. What could I do to solve this?"

ZocdocAnswersMy left ear is clogged and I got a headache. What could I do to solve this?


I get it often. my left ear sometimes throbs


Sorry to hear about this chronic problem. There are many possible explanations. One of the most common explanations for an intermittent but chronically clogged ear is due to eustachian tube dysfunction. In this situation, the drainage pathway to the ear is blocked off intermittently, which can lead to a sensation of aural fullness. This can sometimes be caused by allergies, infections, and even tumors, but it is often simply something that some people have due to their anatomy (ie, they were born with a pre-disposition to this problem). Sometimes, this clogged feeling in the ear can be a trigger for headaches. As you know, headaches can come on from almost any cause, and some people will have different things that are triggers for these headaches to start. Continued ear pain, hearing loss, and dizziness would all be potentially worrisome symptoms. The opposite point of view is also a possibility: maybe your headaches are causing your brain to tell you that your ear is clogged, even if there is no obvious obstruction. Headaches can obviously cause a wide range of symptoms, just as they can be caused by many things. Please speak with your doctor for more guidance about this question.

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