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"I ate a lot 3 hrs ago. Am I going to have indigestion (feel fine now I just worry)?"

ZocdocAnswersI ate a lot 3 hrs ago. Am I going to have indigestion (feel fine now I just worry)?


I just want to know how long after eating could indigestion occur, what's the maximum time it would take for there to be symptoms? 17 yrs old, I can remember having bad indigestion once 6 months ago because I ate 5 ice creams that day lol Used to have mild asthma Smoker (6 a day approx)


Thank you for your question. You should see a doctor to discuss your indigestion, and also to talk about your other medical problems, like asthma, and to talk about quitting smoking, as smoking has many adverse effects on health. Indigestion is a common complaint. The term often refers to abdominal pain after eating and can encompass other complaints such as nausea. Perhaps the most common cause of indigestion is Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease, or GERD. When you eat, food passes from your mouth into the esophagus and then the stomach. The stomach uses acid to digest food. In GERD, acid goes from the stomach into the esophagus. This can cause pain and nausea, and in some cases individuals can taste stomach contents in their mouth. There are many causes of GERD, including transient relaxation of a muscle at the end of the esophagus that is normally contracted to prevent reflux. Large meals can also cause GERD. Although GERD is common, it can have serious effects, because over time stomach acid can adversely effect the esophagus, in some cases causing cancer. Other causes of indigestion are issues with the the movement of food out of the stomach. In some cases this can be related to other underlying conditions such as diabetes. Ulcers, or holes in the lining of the stomach or the bowel, can also cause indigestion. Ulcers sometimes occur due to an infection with a specific kind of bacteria. There are many other causes of indigestion. Of note, lactose intolerance could cause symptoms of indigestion. Some causes of indigestion are serious, including conditions such as cancer. Indigestion can last a variable amount of time, including for hours after eating. With GERD, individuals sometimes get symptoms when they lie down. Only by seeing a doctor can you get a diagnosis. I strongly advise you to see a doctor so that you can be evaluated and possibly treated.

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