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"I think I'm pregnant with tubes tied, I always feel kicks in my stomach. Why?"

ZocdocAnswersI think I'm pregnant with tubes tied, I always feel kicks in my stomach. Why?


i had my tubes tied 2 years ago but i feel pregnant i feel movements why


I recommend that you discuss your concern with your primary care doctor. A tubal ligation is usually a very effective means of avoiding pregnancy. While there are certainly cases documented where a woman will become pregnant after tubal ligation, it is very rare. If you're still of childbearing age and get your periods regularly and you miss one, It would probably behoove you to get a pregnancy test done just to make sure. However, in the absence of a positive pregnancy test, I would imagine that these kicks that you're feeling are not due to a baby. They are much more likely to be due to the other structures in your abdomen that can cause a similar sensation. The most likely structure that is causing the sensation is your intestines. Digestion involves movement of your intestines and this can be felt and feel like many different sensations such as a kick. If this sensation is painful to you, then I was suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physicians that you can discuss it further. Your primary care doctor may wish to perform some imaging of your abdomen, but not necessarily. If your doctor suspects a GI condition that needs further workup, your doctor might prefer you to a gastroenterologist for a consultation.

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