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"What are some growth supplements that work at 16?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are some growth supplements that work at 16?


i am 16 and 5'3 and i would like to grow some inches


It is very common for people at your age and of short stature to explore medical options to increase growth. In order to make an appropriate recommendation, it is critical to know more about your medical history and to know whether there are any medical disorders that have caused your short height. I strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment with a pediatrician to help answer your question. Short height is often a normal variant. In men, the increased production of testosterone at the onset of puberty often leads to an increased height. It is possible a specific hormonal deficiency has caused your short stature. However, this would require a more thorough evaluation including a physical exam, history, and blood work. In general, there is great concern within the medical field regarding over the counter supplements. They are not subject to the same scrutiny as prescription medications. A recent study showed that many supplements do not actually contain the substance they claim. Some contain known toxins, and there have been several instances of popular substances being removed from the market due to toxicity. As such, it is critical that you schedule an appointment with a pediatrician for further evaluation of your short stature.

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