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"What could be a lump on my groin area?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could be a lump on my groin area?


Hi I am quite worried about a lump i have in my groin area the only way i can describe is, kind of looks like it should be a inflamed blood vessel, its just under an inch long, about 2 cm away from my testicles. It doesn't hurt even when pressed, there is no irritation, but it is inflamed. And when i squeeze it, there seems to be a small pin prick hole and blood which looks like its mixed with a little bit of puss. It seems to be able to squeezed every few hours, but does not come out all at once. Almost giving it a brown color. I discovered it last night when it was about a inch long (oval shape). Its dark blue / purple on the inside, and red on the outside. The only thing i can think of that could have caused it, i went on a vibrating standing exercise machine. It feels like it's on top of a possible strained area. But i do not feel anything. I have taken a photo. If it's possible to send you i will. thanks


Thanks for your questions. Unfortunately we are not able to receive photos at this time. This sounds like something that needs to be evaluated by your doctor. There are several possibilities of what can be causing your problem. Doctors often like to think about these things by considering what types of conditions can cause these problems. For example, you mentioned that you may have recently had some trauma while bike riding. Trauma certainly could explain some of your symptoms. The body responds to inflammation by sending increased blood flow and infections fighting cells to the part of the body that has been affected. This could also help to explain another possible cause of your symptoms, an infection. Genital infections are quite common and can come from a number of different causes. In addition to the normal bacteria and fungi that live on our bodies, sexually transmitted diseases can also cause symptoms in the genitalia. The fact that you are able to express some fluid from a lump does make me concerned that there could be some infection. Another concerning possibility is that of cancer. Most often trauma and infections will cause swelling that is tender to touch. Please speak with your doctor about your concerning symptoms.

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