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"Can the Clomid patch help induce pregnancy?"


My husband and I want to have a baby, but we haven't been able to conceive so far. I've heard good things about the Clomid patch. Is there proof that Clomid can help me get pregnant?


Infertility is very common among the the US population. It is stated that about 10% of US couples are infertile. There are several causes of infertility and specialists involved in diagnosing infertility include general family practitioners, general medicine internists, Ob/GYN physicians and Urologists (for your husband).

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Clomiphene trade name: Clomid is a special medicine that acts at the estrogen receptor. Essentially the function of the medicine is to cause Ovulation in people who are not ovulating. Now this goes to say that in a person who is normally ovulating the drug Clomid can actually cause release of multiple ova or eggs. This can result in multiple gestations or births. Before Clomiphene is used it is important to have a full fertility workup which involves evaluation of your partner as well. There are many causes of infertility and these should be extensively evaluated. Depending on the type of infertility Clomiphene may or may not work. For this reason it is important to have a full fertility workup by a fertility specialist (endocrine gynecologist) before clomiphene is attempted. The strong recommendation is that your infertility should first be worked up by a Gynecologist via referral.

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