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"What would make one's navel sore?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat would make one's navel sore?


My daughter is 10, and last week she started complaining of a sore navel. I've never heard of this. Is there a sickness that can cause navel soreness? Should we have her examined by a doctor?


Many things can cause the navel to be sore. The same nerves serve the periumbilical skin and several intraabdominal organs. Pain from the stomach, intestines, and colon due to gastroenteritis, constipation, or constipation can occasionally manifest around the navel. There are skin rashes and muscular problems (such as an umbilical hernia) which can cause pain. Children can have trauma to the area that may cause discomfort. Importantly, children often report anxiety and other psychological stress as abdominal pain. Most of these problems are not extremely serious and can be treated. Your daughter should definitely see a doctor if the pain is associated with fevers, nausea, difficulty eating, constipation, inability to attend school and other activities, or if it simply does not resolve. An office-based abdominal exam and more information about her other symptoms will help determine the cause of her pain.

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