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"When should children start a skin care routine?"


I'm a mother of a healthy 10-year-old boy. Both of his brothers starting developing serious acne at age 12 or 13. Is it too early for him to begin a skin care routine? When is the right time?


Routine skin care can be undertaken as soon as your son is able take the responsibility and maintain the habit of doing it. For most kids, as soon as its a habit, its like brushing your teeth, they just make it a part of their routine. However, in your son's situation, given the strong family history of acne, I would consult with his pediatrician and perhaps a dermatologist as to the best way to perform routine skin care and acne prevention.

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Keep in mind that the development of acne is really not all about a face's cleanliness, or just about facial oils that can be washed away. Acne develops because of a complex interaction between over keratinizing hair follicles, and over production of sebum from androgen stimulation. There are many frustrated teenagers (and parents of teenagers) that relentlessly clean there faces only to continue developing acne. This is why it is important for him to be evaluated at the first sign of acne so that a plan can be implemented to prevent formation of the comedones. There are a lot of great treatments for acne out there, but only his doctor an determine which treatment at which stage will be right for him Good luck.

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