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"Are swollen glands normal during pregnancy?"


I'm 30, and I'm three months pregnant with my first child. Yesterday morning, I noticed that all of my glands were swollen. Is this a normal occurrence during pregnancy, or should I see a doctor?


During pregnancy, a women can develop so many new symptoms that sometimes its hard to determine what is normal and what's not. Certainly nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to smells and sound are all very common symptoms newly pregnant women can experience. I have to say that swollen glands are not a typical normal occurrence during pregnancy.

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And even if it is, and your swollen glands are secondary to your pregnant state, there is no way to tell that they don't represent something else such as an infection. Swollen glands actually represent enlarged lymph nodes. Lymph nodes enlarge when the immune cells within them become activated and begin fighting a foreign entity such as an infection. Some patient develop swollen glands with no other symptom and attribute it to something else other than infection. Most of the time you have enlarged lymph nodes, you immune system is fighting off something, even if its a harmless virus. This is not to say that your particular symptoms are not a part of your pregnancy symptoms, but since they are also a symptom of infection, you should consider the second one first. It would not be a bad idea to see your primary care physician or OBGYN and get checked out. At the very least, you'll get a piece of mind. Good luck.

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