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"What would cause the clitoris to bleed?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat would cause the clitoris to bleed?


Last night I noticed a small amount of blood coming from inside my clitoral hood. I haven't had sex recently, so I'm not sure what's causing this. Should I see a doctor if my clitoris is bleeding?


Any blood coming from an area it shouldn't (especially the genital area) can be very distressing. No matter what the reason you bled from your clitoris, you should probably see a doctor. This is an issue that can either be dealt with by your primary care physician or your OBGYN, whoever you are most comfortable with. The reason it's important to get this evaluated is because there are multiple different parts of your anatomy down there that could be bleeding. For example, in the region of your clitoris is your urethral opening that leads up to the bladder. Bleeding from the bladder or urethra could show up as blood near your clitoris. Blood coming from the clitoral erectile blood vessel network is possible, but you would have to have sustained some minor injury there. Finally, it is possible the blood came from your vagina and just got wiped up onto you clitoris making it look like it originated there. Only a thorough pelvic exam by a qualified health care professional can tell the difference between these entities. I would get checked out soon, just to be sure there isn't something there that needs to be treated. Good luck.

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