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"How can one lose weight on their face?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can one lose weight on their face?


I'm a man, 38 years old, and I used to be overweight. But even as I've slimmed down in the last few years, I can't seem to lose the chubbiness from my face. Is there someway to get rid of facial fat?


This is a great question and a challenging one. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula. However, I think I can give you a reasonable overview as you continue your diet and exercise regimens. Remember that your weight and your weight loss techniques are critical aspects of your health and should be discussed with your primary care physician at every visit. Weight loss patterns very widely from person to person because of different body types and genetic backgrounds. Loss of facial fat almost universally isn't noticed until a person has lost much of their abdominal weight. In fact, significant weight loss specific to the face is often a sign of illness or malnutrition, not healthy dieting. On average, as fat stores are burned off, weight loss is noticed first where most of the weight was kept (i.e. the stomach area in men). You may be losing some fat stores in your face, but its hard to notice since you see yourself everyday. The best types of diets are balanced. Stay away from processed sugars, fast food, and highly salted foods. This along with regular cardiovascular exercise is likely to give good results in the long run. Remember that maintaining a healthy BMI is important for every aspect of your health. Please keep plugging away and don't get discouraged. Your hard work will pay off in the end.

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