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"Is Brazilian waxing safe?"

ZocdocAnswersIs Brazilian waxing safe?


A lot of my friends have started getting Brazilian waxes, but I think they're pretty intimidating. Is it really safe to get your pubic hair waxed, or is there some risk of hurting those sensitive tissues?


Anytime you are considering doing something that you think might impact your health, it is best you ask your primary care doctor what his or her opinion on the matter is. This is the only way to be sure you aren't doing something to harm yourself. In general, the Brazilian wax, for most people, done in the hands of an experienced person, probably is fairly safe. Of course, it is painful, and there is nothing that can be done to prevent that. Probably the most likely complication that would be concerning is the formation of an ingrown hair. Waxing (as with shaving) can result in a hair follicle, recently cut, to get plugged and and form an abscess. If the bacteria infecting the area is the dreaded MRSA variety of staph aureus it may tough to treat. Sometimes these abscesses require a procedure known as incision and drainage. While this is certainly a rare complication, it is one possibility of how the Brazilian wax could be harmful to those tissues. While injury is possible, but less likely, the risk of infection should is such that those who have a weak immune system probably shouldn't get the waxes. Only your doctor can tell you if you should or shouldn't get it done. Good luck.

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