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"Does Thorazine work well in children?"


I have a 12-year-old daughter who was just diagnosed with schizotypal personality disorder. Her doctor is recommending Thorazine to help control her psychotic symptoms. Is Thorazine appropriate for children?


The correct choice of an antipsychotic medication for a given patient is exceedingly difficult and varied from physician to physician. This is because certain drugs work well in some patients but not in others for unknown reasons. In the case of schizotypal personality disorder in children, the number of studies on treatment is limited and the results are mixed.

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Thorazine (Chlorpromazine) is a typical or classic antipsychotic that acts by blocking dopamine receptors in the brain. In kids, it is FDA approved for nausea in vomiting, and severe behavioral problems such as combativeness or explosive - hyperexcitable behavior. Though it is not FDA indicated for schizotypal personality disorder in kids (no drug to my knowledge is specifically approved for that), its use off-label is appropriate in certain circumstances. So the answer to your question is that Thorazine may be appropriate for children in certain circumstances. Likely the psychiatrist that prescribed the drug has had good results in schizotypal personality disorder with it or else he or she would not have prescribed it. Unfortunately there are no large scale studies to fall back on to give physicians a definitive best treatment. The good news is there are other options if the results you and your daughter are seeking are not met. Good luck.

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