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"How can one tell if their estrogen levels are low?"


I think I'm having some symptoms of low estrogen, like low sex drive and moodiness. But I'm only in my early 40s, so I don't think this could be menopause. How can I tell for sure if my estrogen levels are low?


I can certainly understand your concerns. Symptoms associated with low estrogen can be subtle, and many of them are soft. In other words there can be multiple causes for symptoms that could be estrogen deficiency.

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You primary care doctor or your OBGYN can perform simple blood tests to determine if your estrogen levels are low and can advise you on what to do about it. The good news is that low sex drive and moodiness are very soft signs of low estrogen. Sex drive is more directly associated with testosterone levels (even in the female). Moodiness if very multifactorial and not associated with a single hormone. The symptoms of low estrogen are usually similar to what women experience when they are nearing menopause. Patients usually report vaginal dryness (as apposed to low sex drive), hot flashes, sweating, and of course menstrual cycle irregularity. If you are having more than one of these symptoms, then it would be best for you to get tested. You doctor will measure FSH and LH levels in your blood which go up when estrogen levels go down. My last piece of advise id do NOT start taking any over the counter supplementation before talking to your doctor. Estrogen supplementation has risks AND benefits which must be explained to you by our doctor. Good luck.

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