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"How often should people wash their hair?"

ZocdocAnswersHow often should people wash their hair?


I'm a man in my late 30s, and I've always had really dry hair. My wife has suggested that I wash it less frequently, but it seems to get oily right away if I skip a shower. How often should people wash their hair?


This is a great question, but unfortunately it does not have a golden answer. Most physicians when asked this question will say "However much you want to." Or if pushed to give an exact number will say "At least 3 times per week." The truth is there is no medical reason to wash your hair every day vs. every other day, vs. twice a day. Of course this is not to say that hygiene is not important. Of course we all must bathe and wash our hair, but the frequency is not critical. If you have very dry hair, I would spend a few minutes in the shampoo isle at the grocery store, or where every you buy that kind of stuff and look for types that might help. They have shampoos for almost any hair type. Although most of them not miracle formulas, you may find a solution to your problem with a little research. If you are not having any luck and you have exhausted all your ideas, I would ask you primary care physician to examine your hair and determine if there area any other possible remedies. Often they have encountered the problem before and have experience with the solutions. Good luck.

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