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"Are partially inverted nipples common?"

ZocdocAnswersAre partially inverted nipples common?


One of my nipples is partially inverted, as if it's dimpling into the breast instead of out. I'm in my 30s, and I've never had any medical issues with my breast, but I'm still curious ? are inverted nipples common?


The answer is yes they are very common in both men and women. The need for evaluation depends on the time course by which the nipple became inverted. Let me explain below. Nipple inversion since birth is usually (though not always) a benign condition of unknown cause. It is estimated that up to 20% of women have an inverted nipple, or at least intermittently inverted (goes in and out). I don't think there are any data out there on men and nipple inversion since birth. Nipple inversion that begins in a female later in life should be investigated as to its cause. The most common cause of a newly inverted nipple is after a women has breast fed. It can also be caused by infections or trauma of the breast. The most worrisome possibility is that a newly inverted nipple could be a sign of an aggressive breast cancer. This is why a women with a newly inverted nipple must be evaluated by a qualified physician. If this describes you, they you should present this problem to your primary care physician who may then order some imaging of you breast (ie mammogram). If this doesn't describe you, just bring up the issue at your next visit. If your not sure, then get evaluated soon. Good luck.

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