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"Can B12 help with Hepatitis C-related fatigue?"


I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C several years ago. I am getting comprehensive treatment, but I still often feel fatigued. Is it true that vitamin B-12 can help me feel more energetic, or is it a waste of money? I'm 35 years old.


The symptom of fatigue can be quite burdensome on someones life as it can prevent us from doing things that we would otherwise enjoy. Symptoms such as this should be brought up with the physician that treats your Hepatitis C. They understand more fully the disease in the context of your past medical history and physical exam.

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Vitamin B12 is a critical vitamin that is required for the synthesis of DNA, a critical component of our cells. Clinically Vitamin B12 is used to make more red blood cells which care oxygen to our tissues. Therefore, if you are deficient of Vitamin B12, then you may be anemic which is a common cause of fatigue. However, you can also be fatigued simply because you have a chronic disease. Fatigue is a symptom of your body attempting to fight off an infection over a long time. In order to tell if Vitamin B12 will help your fatigue, you need to have your blood levels checked. If you are deficient, or even on the low end of normal, then getting Vitamin B12 supplements may help you. If you are not deficient, and your levels are on the high end of normal, then likely giving your body more of the Vitamin won't help much. Only you doctor will know which test is best for you and what to do with the results. Good Luck.

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