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"Do loofahs exfoliate skin?"

ZocdocAnswersDo loofahs exfoliate skin?


I try to exfoliate my skin regularly, because I've read that helps keep your skin healthy. A few of my coworkers swear by loofahs, but they don't seem that effective to me. Is there proof that loofahs actually exfoliate your skin?


Skin exfoliation is an extremely common practice which many people feel keeps their skin more shiny, healthier, and reduces other undesirable markings. The basic idea is that skin grows from the inside out. Thus the skin cells on the outermost portion of your skin are usually dead and sometimes need help sloughing off your body. Skin exfoliation is usually done with some type of abrasive material such as a a loofah sponge or abrasive facial scrubs. I doubt that there are no medical studies to prove or disprove that loofahs actually exfoliate skin. Nevertheless, it makes sense that an abrasive material such as a loofah should do the trick. If you say that they don't work for you, it doesn't necessarily mean that you aren't exfoliating your skin. It is more likely that exfoliation is not giving you the results you are hoping for. Remember that this practice is not a cure-all for skin conditions. There also chemical exfoliates that are probably safe, but I would not start one until discussing the issue with your primary care physician. If you feel that your skin is unhealthy, I would suggest scheduling an appointment with your doctor. He or she may refer to you to a dermatologist is necessary. Good luck.

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