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"Is low body temperature a sign of illness?"


I'm a mother of two, and both of my children are sick with a cold they got at school. In the last 48 hours, I have been unusually cold ? I haven't been able to get warm. Could this be the first sign that I'm coming down with their illness?


Any time parents are exposed to kids that are sick, especially when you kids are in school, they are at risk of contracting those illnesses. Any time you feel like you're "coming down with something", you should schedule and appointment with you primary care doctor not only to treat you but to advise you on who you should and should not be around. Feeling cold can mean many different things, and the sensation of feeling cold sometimes does mean the body is trying to fight an infection.

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If you have overt shaking chills where you can't get warm, this can be a sign of a serious infection. This is often associated with fever. The sensation of being cold can also be due to a condition called hypothyroidism, where your thyroid gland does not produce thyroid hormone like it should. This usually results in the sensation of being cold over many months, not just 48 hours. A low body temperature (less than 96 Fahrenheit) can be associated with infection, but this is rare and only when the infection is very severe and the body's immune system is all used up. You probably would feel a lot worse if this was the case. Nevertheless, it never hurts to be seen by a physician, who can examine you and tell you what you next step should be. Good luck.

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