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"Are there any side effects after laser eye surgery?"

ZocdocAnswersAre there any side effects after laser eye surgery?


I've been considering getting laser eye treatment, because my vision has always been very bad and I'm tired of contacts and glasses. What are the possible side effects I should know about before I move forward? I'm a 44-year-old woman, if that makes a difference.


If you are considering eye surgery, you should be assessed by an ophthalmologist to see if you are a good candidate. There are several different types of eye surgery and all of these require a complete examination and evaluation to determine what is the best option for you. In the first type of surgery, a laser is used to reshape the cornea in order to eliminate the need for contact lenses and glasses. In the second type of surgery, a small incision is made in the cornea with a laser. With both of these types of surgeries, there are side effects. The most common side effect after these surgery is eye pain. They can also be associated with headaches in the immediate post-operative period. It is also important to know that some patients can have scarring or worsening vision after this type of surgery. The procedure in which a flap is made also makes you sensitive to head trauma. If you sustain trauma to your head, this can drislodge the corneal flap and cause permanent vision loss. You should discuss the side effects with your ophthalmologist before you decide to proceed because your vision can continue to change as you age and this could necessitate the need for contact lenses or glasses at a future time, even after you have the surgery. Please meet with an ophthalmologist to discuss options and get a formal evaluation.

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