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"Can one lose weight in a sauna?"


I'm trying to lose weight, and I've heard amazing things about sauna therapy. Is it true that you can 'sweat off' weight just by sitting in a sauna? Are there risks? It sounds too good to be true.


Many people enjoy the feeling saunas give them especially after a workout. There are risks to them especially if you spend too much time, or if you don't hydrate properly before and afterwards. Elderly people, pregnant women, and children should not spend any time in a sauna.

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Risks to spending time in the sauna include heat stroke and syncope (passing out). You can lose water weight in the sauna but this is not actually losing body weight where you want to lose weight. Water weight will be gained back as soon as you take your next drink of water. Plus it is dangerous to lose too much water weight. The only way to lose fat weight is to burn more calories than you eat. This means that you need to increase the amount of lower calorie foods in your diet (i.e. fruits and vegetables) and increasing the amount of exercise you do daily. I would schedule an appointment with primary care physician to discuss weight loss strategies. He or she will be best equipped to advise you on the best method for you with your past medical history and other health issues in mind. Good luck.

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