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"What causes grooves in fingernails?"


What is causing the grooves in my fingernails? Several of the nails have sharp grooves that run clear across them. Does this mean the nail is damaged in some way, or that I have been deficient in some kind of vitamin or mineral?


Groves across your fingernails is something I would suggest getting evaluated. The only way for a physician to determine the type of fingernail change is to see it in person. While you are correct that damage to a fingernail can cause a groove to grow across it, it would be unusual for this type of problem to occur in multiple fingers unless all of your fingers underwent a trauma at the same time.

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If these groves are permanent (in other words they do not grow out with the nail), then injury is at the top of the list of possibilities. Most likely if you have grooves across multiple fingernails that appeared suddenly only one time, then they represent some event that effected your cell growth. For example if you had received chemotherapy for a cancer, then a line develops across your fingernails known as a Beau line. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. He or she can take a close look at your fingernails and determine if injury or metabolic abnormality (or other ) is the most likely cause. If it dose not look like injury has occurred, then your doctor may want to order some blood tests for some vitamin and mineral levels in your body. Good luck.

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