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"Do adults who were birthed prematurely have a harder time bearing children?"

ZocdocAnswersDo adults who were birthed prematurely have a harder time bearing children?


I'm 24 and I am in good health, but I was born prematurely. Does that mean that I myself will have trouble conceiving or giving birth? Does it put me at risk of other complications during pregnancy that I should be forewarned about?


The best type of physician to give you advise on pregnancy is a board certified OBGYN. There are many many factors that contribute to whether a baby is borne prematurely. Determining the risk a women has before conception for a pre-term birth is very difficult given the vast number of factors. In your case, being borne premature, probably puts you at an extremely small increased risk of having a pre-term baby. No studies have been able to definitively say for sure. We know that genetics plays a role in this factor and since you were born pre-mature, we can assume that you may have a slight increase risk. With that said, other factors you may or may not run into during your pregnancy will likely be more important. For example, your age actually puts you at lower risk for going into labor early. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your OBGYN that you will see during your pregnancy. This can be done long before conception so that you have all the information up front. He or she can review all of your pregnancy risks with your personal past medical history and current physical exam in mind. Good luck.

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