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"Can bronchitis give one asthma?"

ZocdocAnswersCan bronchitis give one asthma?


I've been getting treated for bronchitis for three weeks now. It's going away, but it is pretty persistent. Anyway, now it seems like some of my symptoms are more like asthma ? I recognize them because my wife has it. What's happening to me?


There are many causes of cough, wheezing, and bronchitis-like symptoms, some of them are serious and require medical evaluation. The physicians best qualified to discuss this issue with you include your internal medical physician or your family medicine doctor. Bronchitis is an inflammation and infection of small tubes in the lungs. When these tubes are inflamed, it can cause a deep 'chest cold', persistent cough, and occasional phlegm production. Usually these infections are self limited and do not require treatment. However, if the symptoms are persisting more than 2 weeks, worsening (such as increased phlegm production or pain when you take a deep breath), you may have developed a more serious lung infection. Your physician may advise a chest x-ray to investigate and may prescribe antibiotics. Often, bronchitis and other upper respiratory infections can exacerbate underlying asthma. In patients who have a history of asthma or a history of wheeze or cough when they get a cold, this may be an important consideration. These symptoms should be mentioned to your physician. Occasionally, medications to reduce this wheeze can be prescribed. As always, the diagnosis and management of your particular condition will require a physical examination by your personal physician. Scheduling an appointment with your internal medicine doctor or your family medicine doctor is strongly recommended.

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