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"Do blackheads burn?"

ZocdocAnswersDo blackheads burn?


I'm 17 and I have a streak of these small black dots on my forehead. I thought they were blackheads, but there's a burning sensation all around them Do blackheads create that sensation, or am I looking at some kind of rash or other skin problem?


There are many types of rashes on the face which have differing causes and treatments. Physicians who are well qualified to help you with this problem include your primary care doctor or your dermatologist. Blackheads are a type of acne in which the skin pores become dilated by dead skin debris. The often coexist with whiteheads, which are a type of acne in which the pores are obstructed and pus and other material builds up. If acne becomes irritated, either through the application of strong skin care products or by picking at the skin, it may become inflamed or infected which could lead to a burning sensation. There are, however, other skin rashes that could cause this problem. If the rash is located on the forehead close to the hairline, a possible diagnosis is seborrheic dermatitis, which results in discolored spots and greasy, flaky skin in or at the hairline. Another possibility would be an allergic reaction of the skin to some chemical exposure, such as a new shampoo, facial cleanser, or other personal care product. As always, diagnosis and treatment of your particular condition will require a physical examination by your personal physician. Scheduling an appointment with your primary care doctor or your dermatologist is recommended.

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