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"Is it safe for diabetics to have children?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it safe for diabetics to have children?


I'm a 31 y o woman with type 1 diabetes, and I do want to have a child before I get too old. But now I'm starting to consider the effects of my disease. What are the complications of being diabetic and pregnant? Is childbearing safe for diabetics?


As you know diabetes is a complicated life long disease, and asking questions like this is important to make sure that you continue to do everything possible to be healthy. The best physician to ask this question to is your OBGYN who has certainly dealt with many pregnant diabetic women. Having Type 1 diabetes is not a reason that someone can't have children. Many type 1 diabetics have normal pregnancies and deliver healthy children without any complications. However, you probably need more intense oversight by your physicians during that time. Pregnancy may make your blood sugars harder to control requiring more frequent checks and perhaps even the addition of a different type of insulin. Women that have excellent blood sugar control during there pregnancy often have entirely normal deliveries and normal infants. However, women with poor blood sugar control can have compilations. For example having a baby too large for vaginal deliver is a complication of poorly controlled diabetes. Infants born will often have to have supplemental glucose shortly after delivery to make sure their blood sugars don't go too low. I would schedule and appointment with your OBGYN so that he or she can give you more detailed information about diabetes in pregnancy. I think after that appointment you'll have a plan on how to have a healthy baby with your diabetes. Good luck.

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