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"Is frequent urination a sign of pregnancy?"


I missed my last period, and I am sexually active. I wasn't too worried until this week, but now it seems like I have to pee constantly. Is my need to pee a possible symptom of being pregnant, or am I just being paranoid? Should I take the pregnancy test?


Any question of pregnancy must be taken seriously. In addition, frequent urination can be a sign of a few serious conditions. I would highly encourage you to talk to your primary doctor to address these issues.

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Pregnancy can have many symptoms early in the pregnancy or be relatively asymptomatic. Morning sickness, breast tenderness and fatigue are common. Frequent urination is a complaint during pregnancy, although this mostly occurs in the later parts of pregnancy. The thought is that the gravid (pregnant) uterus physically pushes on the bladder therefore making a small bladder and need for frequent urination. As such, the frequent urination is more common when the pregnancy is further along and the uterus is bigger. However, it is possible that it is occurring unusually early because of a different uterine orientation or placement. Frequent urination can be caused by other important conditions. A common cause is a urinary tract infection, which can also occur after intercourse. Other sexually transmitted disease like chlamydia or gonorrhea can also cause this. Less commonly, other kidney problems on hormone problems can cause frequent urination. These symptoms maybe unrelated. However a missed period warrants attention. I would recommend a pregnancy test and discussion with your doctor regarding the frequent urination and possible evaluation of the pregnancy, birth control and other safe sex practices.

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