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"Do pelvis stress fractures affect pregnancy?"

ZocdocAnswersDo pelvis stress fractures affect pregnancy?


My doctor just diagnosed my as having a pelvis stress fracture, and I'm really worried about what this means for my future. I always wanted to have kids ? I'm only 26. Can someone with a pelvic stress fracture still get pregnant and give birth in a safe way?


Anytime we fracture a bone, it can be cause for concern about what this means for our future. Since no two pelvic fractures are the same, I would suggest you go back to the physician who diagnosed you with the stress fracture and pose this question to him or her. They will be able to answer the question with the rest of your past medical history in mind. A stress fracture is a tiny (hair line) fracture that usually occur in females that actively exercise regularly. They usually take between 4 to 8 weeks to heal completely. During pregnancy, a lot of stress is placed on your pelvis during vaginal delivery of a child. A history of a pelvic stress fracture should not cause you to have any issue during delivery. Your pelvis will be well healed by then. If for some reason you sustain a more serious injury to your pelvis, there are always other options for infant delivery (ie C-Section). I would suggest scheduling an appointment with the physician that diagnosed your fracture. Make sure to get a copy of your records including any imaging that was done to your pelvic region. When you decide to get pregnant someday, you can bring this information to your OBGYN who will be able to help you make the best decisions for you health. Good luck.

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