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"Is brown discharge normal after a hysterectomy?"

ZocdocAnswersIs brown discharge normal after a hysterectomy?


Last year I had a hysterectomy for uterine cancer. I'm 45, and I had no trouble healing after the procedure. But now, I'm starting to get this kind of brown discharge. Is this possibly connected with the hysterectomy, or am I looking at another kind of problem?


This is a really tough call. Vaginal discharge after hysterectomy can be one of several things and a qualified health care professional would need to evaluate it to be sure what it is and what is causing it. Brown discharge usually has a component of blood. In general it is normal to have a brown vaginal discharge (make up mostly of blood) between 4 and 6 weeks after a hysterectomy. It represents blood that may seep from the healing area of the vaginal cuff. In general, brown discharge is not seen after this time period and therefore your symptoms are abnormal warranting a visit to your OBGYN that performed the hysterectomy. If you had a hysterectomy without removal of the cervix, then it is possible that the discharge is coming from a small bleeding vessel in the cervix. It's impossible to tell without a pelvic exam. Since this is considered an abnormal finding, I suggest you schedule an appointment with the surgeon that performed the hysterectomy, or if that's not possible, then another OBGYN. Most likely, it's nothing to be concerned about, but you want to make sure you don't have anything up there that needs fixed. Good luck.

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