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"Can birth control lessen double uterus pain?"

ZocdocAnswersCan birth control lessen double uterus pain?


My partner has a double uterus, and it's a pretty painful condition for her. Lately, we've been rethinking our birth control strategy, and she's talking about going on the pill. Is there any chance the pill would help her pain? Or make it worse? What's the connection?


Most women with double uterus actually do not have any pain or other significant complications at all. Therefore, if your partners is having pain, it is important to go see your OB GYN doctor. It may be that the pain is not related to the double uterus at all but rather to another condition, such as endometriosis, cystitis, or an intestinal problem, or simply menstrual cramping and pain that could occur in any woman (even those with single uterus). If the problem turns out to be something like menstrual cramping and pain or endometriosis, then a oral contraceptive pill will likely help quite a bit. This is because the hormones in these pills work to settle down the proliferation of the uterine lining, meaning there are more regular periods and the cramps and bleeding are less pronounced. Rarely in patient with double uterus one of the uterus will not empty normally to the vagina. This condition can cause pain, because blood can build up in the uterus that does not communicate with the vagina. I presume this is not the case for your partner, as I assume it would have been diagnosed at the time that the double uterus was diagnosed. However, it can't hurt to mention it to your OB GYN doctor.

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