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"Can foot fungus enter one's blood straem?"

ZocdocAnswersCan foot fungus enter one's blood straem?


Can foot fungus get into your blood? I've had a really severe case of foot and nail fungus that I left unattended for a long time. In the last few days, I've been feeling sick and I'm paranoid that the fungus is poisoning me. I'm treating it now, but should I go to the doctor, too?


Questions about a fungal infection are best addressed by a physician. A primary care physician or a podiatrist can evaluate a fungal infection of the foot and prescribe antifungal medication. Depending upon the severity of the infection and a patient's underlying health conditions, other specialists may also be consulted. It would be possible for a severe fungal infection that is left untreated for a prolonged period of time to cause more systemic infection. Symptoms of fungal organisms in the blood may include fatigue, fever, malaise, or other flu-like symptoms. However, a fungal blood infection from a foot infection in an otherwise healthy person would also be very unusual. Other risk factors are usually seen in people who have serious problems with fungal infections. Such factors include the presence of other diseases such as an immunocompromised state (for example, a person who has undergone chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant, or who has HIV); renal failure; severe burns; or diabetes. In addition, people are more susceptible to fungal infection if they have recently been on an extended course of steroids or broad-spectrum antibiotics. Overall, it is important to make sure that even superficial infections such as fungal infections of the foot and nails are not left untreated. It is possible for such infections to cause more serious effects on one's health. A physician can prescribe antifungal medication to help treat these infections and prevent them from causing further problems.

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