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"What causes blood cysts to form on the breasts?"


I've been developing cysts on the underside of my breasts, and it seems like they're just filled with blood. Does this indicate a serious problem? I've been thinking it might just be an allergic reaction to my bra, but now I think the problem is getting worse. Should I see a doctor?


Anytime patients develop any new growth especially in the area of the breast, it can be a source of anxiety for patients. In the case of cysts, they can be a benign but annoying problem, or they can indicate a serious problem. That is why you should see a physician soon.

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Cysts in general are membrane lined structures that can be filled with fluid, air, blood, or some other bodily substance. Blood cysts can be caused by trauma to an area of the skin which results in small blood vessel breaks which allow the hollow membrane-lined capsule to fill with blood. In this case, it is possible that trauma from a very tight fitting bra could result in very small blood cysts. Only your doctor will be able to tell for sure. I suggest you see a doctor about this issue sooner than later. Your symptoms have the potential to be something that needs fixing. You can start by scheduling an appointment with your primary care physician who can help determine whether or not these cysts are dangerous, whether they can be treated, or if they need to be looked at by a specialist. Good luck.

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