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"Can lasers be used to change iris color?"


Is it possible to change your eye color permanently with lasers? I am a model and I wear color-changing contact lenses for my work, but they scratch and irritate my eyes when I have to wear them for extended periods. If it's possible to just make the change permanent, I'd rather do that.


Modification of eye color and eye vision problems though medical techniques is a rapidly growing area of elective medicine. Physicians who would be qualified to discuss your options with you would include your primary care physician or your ophthalmologist. As you know, the most common way to change the color of one's eyes is through the use of colored contact lenses.

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This is by far the safest and simplest approach. Furthermore, any inconveniences from contact wear, such as irritation to the eyes, can usually be easily managed by your eye doctor through changing the lens prescription or through prescribing tear-like solutions. Surgical procedures to permanently change the color of the eye do exist in some specialty clinics. These procedures involve implanting a colored device surgically in the eye. The can be complicated by the formation of premature cataracts, scarring, or infection. Although laser procedures are currently used in eye surgeries, for example in the correction of near sightedness, there is not currently a laser-based procedure which can permanently change eye color. As always, diagnosis and management of your particular situation will require a physical examination by your personal physician. Scheduling an appointment with your primary care doctor or your eye doctor is recommended.

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