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"Is it OK to take antibiotics while pregnant?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it OK to take antibiotics while pregnant?


I'm 6 months pregnant, and I've developed a rather bad infection underneath one of my toenails. The doctor took one look at it and prescribed antibiotics, but that is really frightening to me. Is it safe to take antibiotics while pregnant? I'd much rather find a natural way to deal with it.


Any questions about medication safety during pregnancy are best answered by an obstetrician. Physicians may also work with pharmacists when evaluating the safety of particular medications for an individual patient. Some medications can be taken safely during pregnancy, including many antibiotics. It is not uncommon for the physiological changes of pregnancy to make a woman more susceptible to certain kinds of infections, and effectively treating a bacterial infection almost always requires some kind of antibiotic. However, there are some medications that should not be taken by pregnant women. This group of medications does include some antibiotics. In order to determine whether a given medication is safe in pregnancy, it is important to only take medications that are prescribed by an obstetrician or by a specialist who is aware of the pregnancy. Some women do prefer not to take any medications at all, if possible, during their pregnancy. However, for certain medical conditions, including bacterial or fungal infections, treating the infection requires the use of an antibiotic. This can be done safely. However, because some medications are not safe during pregnancy, with any health concerns during pregnancy it is always best to seek care from an obstetrician who can provide guidance about the safety of a given medication.

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