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"Does cold weather affect breast implants?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes cold weather affect breast implants?


I'm considering getting breast implants, but it's hard to get some of the technical details. Can you tell me how cold and hot weather affects them? Do temperature changes make them more likely to leak? What is the overall chance that they will leak?


Breast implants are a common procedure in recent years. I encourage you to discuss the risks, benefits and specific procedure with your plastic surgeon. In general, for any medical intervention (especially an elective intervention) it is important to have a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the procedure so you can have informed consent. To answer your question--yes, there are reports of implants being affected by cold weather. This is more likely with saline implants, but also occurs with silicone. People report breast pain, and occasionally a change in feel during the cold months. There is no good data to say how often this occurs--however it is certainly not universal. This appears to lessen with time, however can last years. The likelihood depends on the procedure--where exactly the implant is placed. Talk with your plastic surgeon for more information. Temperature is not thought to make the breast implant leak--however there is a chance of leak based on natural wear and tear. In general--saline has a higher leak rate than silicone. Silicone is likely 1-2 % rupture rate at 10 years, while saline is likely 7-16% at ten years. Data varies wildly, depending on the surgeon and procedure--so again talk to your surgeon. In addition. there are other complications to consider: infection, capsule contracture, incomplete muscle release and synmastia (the appearance of "uni-breast"). Talk to your doctor. There is a real chance of problems, however there are benefits that these should be weighed against. Good luck in your decision.

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